It all started in December 2013 at a small music festival in Lakeland. Michael was there to vend with his food booth, and Lauren was there to teach yoga. Michael laid eyes on Lauren and knew she was someone he wanted to know. After a somewhat awkward first conversation between the two (Michael was nervous), Lauren gave Michael her business card “for yoga lessons”. website-1 Well, a few days later Michael decided to call Lauren not to ask about yoga, but to ask what she was doing for New Years to try and see her again. Lauren had already made plans, so she declined his invite. Michael was not deterred though. After a string of text messages, Michael and Lauren planned to take a spontaneous road trip to Asheville, NC together – a place they were both curious to visit. Lauren was a bit nervous now since she did not even know the last name of this random food vendor guy from that one music festival… but she really wanted to go to Asheville! Well, it’s lucky that Lauren decided to take the trip because they realized how much fun they had together and how well they got along.

After the Asheville trip, Michael and Lauren stayed in-touch and eventually became a couple. After 2 years of a long distance relationship, Lauren decided that she would move to Gainesville to live with Michael on his 2.5 acre farm – but not until she went to the other side of the world  to India to follow her dream of enhancing her yoga teacher training there. Michael decided he wanted to experience another culture too, and took the leap to fly out to India for 10 days to travel around with Lauren. Needless to say, India was not like Asheville, but it sure was a fun adventure for them both!

Once they came back to Florida, they settled into Gainesville together. Lauren helped Michael revamp his then bachelor pad into a home the two could grow together in. Michael knew Lauren was waiting on a ring by now, but Lauren had no idea when to expect it. Fast forward to Christmas morning 2015 at Michael’s family’s house in South Florida. Lauren was in her pajamas with holiday elf ears on and Michael had his Santa hat on – cute, right? When Lauren went to open her last present that looked like a tennis ball canister, she was confused that it was filled with purple tissue paper and not tennis balls. Hmm? She pulled out the tissue paper to reveal a small box, and inside was the ring that signified her’s and Michael’s relationship to be forever.

Michael and Lauren are ecstatic to share the special day that they solidify the eternity of their relationship with their beloved friends and family on March 4th, 2017 at the Lighthouse Point Yacht and Racquet Club. You can find their wedding registry page here.